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全球教席“云课堂”——Jacques deLisle:Chinese Law in US Courts

题目: Chinese Law in US Courts
时间: 2022年6月17日(周五)13:00-15:00
方式:腾讯会议ID: 178 241 523
Jacques deLisle:美国宾夕法尼亚大学Stephen A. Cozen法学讲席教授、政治学教授、东亚研究中心主任、当代中国研究中心主任、亚洲法律研究中心联合主任、外交政策研究所亚洲项目主任
  Jacques deLisle 教授的学术作品曾发表在《当代中国》《Orbis》《亚洲政策》及其它外交事务和区域研究的期刊、法律评论、跨学科专著和媒体。他的研究聚焦于中国参与国际法律和政治秩序的构建、中国国内的法律改革和法治问题以及中美关系。他参与合编的著作有《致富光荣》《中国的全球角色》《新媒体、互联网和不断变化的中国》《中国的挑战》等。他曾多次受聘作为中国法专家证人,为美国政府、各类非政府组织提供有关中国法律和司法改革的咨询。他还曾任前大法官 Stephen Breyer 的法官助理和美国司法部法律咨询办公室律师顾问。
Jacques deLisle is the Stephen A. Cozen Professor of Law, professor of political science, director of the Center for East Asian Studies, director of the Center for the Study of Contemporary China, co-director of the Center for Asian Law at the University of Pennsylvania, and director of the Asia Program at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. His writing, which has appeared in Journal of Contemporary China, Orbis, Asia Policy, and other foreign affairs and areas studies journals, law reviews, edited volumes of interdisciplinary scholarship, and other media, focuses on China's engagement with the international legal and political orders, domestic legal reform and rule-of-law issues in China, and U.S.-China relations. He is co-editor of To Get Rich Is Glorious, China's Global Engagement, New Media, the Internet and a Changing China,  and China's Challenges. He frequently serves as an expert witness on Chinese law, and has been a consultant to U.S. government, Chinese, and international NGO projects relating to law and legal reform in China. He was a law clerk to then-Judge Stephen Breyer, and an attorney-adviser in the Office of Legal Counsel, U.S. Department of Justice.